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Our Pet Services


Pet Sitting

The sitter is there 30 mins., will feed, refresh/refill water and let the pups out back or walk them if preferred. If you have cats we come in and feed/clean the litter boxes.


Dog Walking

The sitter will arrive at midday or designated time taking the pup out for exercise, potty and playtime. They also refresh the water and give a treat if allowed. We can also let the pups out in the back yard if preferred, the duration of the visit is 30 mins.


Overnight Stays / Pet Taxi

The sitter arrives at 7Pm, will feed and refresh the water, walk the dogs if preferred or let out in backyard, if you have cats we feed and clean the litter box, the sitter will also spend time in the evening with pets making sure they get the loving attention they deserve. In the morning the sitter leaves at 7Am but before leaving will have fed the pets and walked the pups or let out back for potty and exercise. Pet Taxi: This service is for those that need help getting their pet to the Vet for a doctor's appt. or to the Groomer. We can drop off the pet or stay with them during the visit, the client will just need to let us know.