We're there when you can't be there!
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PetPals Pet Sitting was created in Nov. 2007 to provide quality pet care for our four legged kids and their pet parents.

Before I did petsitting I worked as a medical assistant for a well known Ophthalmologist in our area. Patient care was of the utmost importance so thats where I learned my giving and caring skills. It was a wonderful experience. Once he retired I decided to try a different profession, became a Nanny for an attorney and managed her home and took care of her adopted daughter and their pets. This is where the transformation took place and I realized I enjoyed taking care of the pets more than running a house hold and taking care of kids. One day I was out and about and ran into a friend, telling her how much I enjoyed taking care of the pets and she mentioned she had a friend that had two dogs and she needed some help from time to time as they traveled. I immediately contacted the friend and as they say the rest is history.

Our mission:

Our team of pet sitters at PetPals are there to make sure your pet has the best quality pet care possible. You can rely on us. We are there when you can't be there.